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When will the solar system be destroyed? Science’s answer

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Especially in recent times, many theories have spread, according to which the universe, to have us more accurate Solar SystemIt can suddenly destroy itself. There are many natural catastrophic events that are indicated in the text that sooner or later something will happen that will endanger life in the solar system and thus of course will end life on Earth.

But for now, it’s only about assumptions, because this particular moment doesn’t necessarily have to be talk soon. In fact, scientists are somewhat skeptical of this point of view.

When will our solar system end?

Some scientists have conducted very careful studies, to try to determine when possible destruction of our solar system could occur, and therefore when planet Earth would be destroyed as well. Those who think of gods must change their minds impending disaster. Indeed, for example, one of the events that could occur that would endanger the system in which we live is the passage of a star that can cause real destruction.

However, scientists have made very accurate calculations in this regard and believe that such an event can be considered very rare. In terms of probability, a star capable of destroying our solar system cannot pass more than 100 billion years ago, so there would be no need to worry at all, because the possibilities are really remote.

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The continuous passages of the celestial bodies in our solar system

On the other hand, scientists who have been interested in making these accurate calculations indicate that many other celestial bodies have already had the opportunity to cross into our solar system, even Too close to the sunAnd he’s our main star. However, all other celestial bodies that affected a certain proximity to our planet with their passage were not at all carriers of destruction or negative effects on the planet on which we live.

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Thus, we need to be reassured, that we are not in an imminent global catastrophe. A star with devastating consequences that could pass in 100 billion years would in fact change the structure of the solar system drastically, even if this does not mean that more of everything will be formed as real. total destruction: There can be changes that even a person himself can adapt to.

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