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Recklessness of youth who rewards –

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Tiramo – Me too 166 Clubs competing in the amateur season in the domestic second division: seven are 18 groups and two are 2o.

With the exceptions that do not matter to more than 20 clubs in total, it should be, on paper at least, the championship of young players, among those who have to gain experience in the hope that they can land in “important football”.

Although it has, in many cases, become a “sanctuary” for athletes over thirty who prefer D from “expense and salary payments” to Lega Pro from the federal minimums, there are still exceptions.

One, among the first images in the entire National Panorama, is SN Notaresco by President Luigi by Batista The DG Alfredo birthday. Do you think the average lifespan of a notareschina rose is less than 21 years, being equals 20.9. It is the fourth youngest team out of 166 teams in the league (Mariglianese I 19.9 – Bergosia II 20.6 – Terme Levico III 20.8).

Congratulations to the management on the selection of Mr. Titian DBatterywhich almost systematically favors young people, but also supporters of the rossobl, who show appreciation for the work of the new direction of the current administration, different from the recent past.

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