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When it comes to delta variation, Canada is hitting 50 degrees. But it does not seem urgent

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Many Folk characters With the construction of the public debate about Govt over the past year and a half, even in the summer, do not avoid interviews in the big newspapers and major media. It was two days ago Bold release Matteo Pacetti, One of the most select experts in the square, warned that in the autumn, following a possible relapse of the virus variants, it is necessary to close those who have not yet been vaccinated at home. Passetti is the latest in the series Colorful commentators Who, in the name of what is implicitly called science, deserves to say the opposite of everything and everything on a weekly basis. Unfortunately exited So much space For these roles it did not yield particularly useful results for citizens.

In November 2020, Passetti was appointed Coordinator for Kovit Patient Management for the Ministry of Health. As in August 2020, the Internet is cruel and disrespectful, but the reason for the important scientific qualifications must be stated. Had ruled Absolutely Health emergency, At the end of the summer erupted again just in time in a more bloody way than in the spring. It is clear that much cannot be expected in politics, especially in times of great crisis. But perhaps the press should have already triggered this paradigm Measure again The weight of some statements. Unfortunately, we know that public opinion in Italy is easily distracted and the reader’s memory is limited.

The mainstream media is busy informing citizens Now worn out Information confusion about the risk of delta variation (and the need to complete vaccination cycles) for a year and a half, news Temperature of 50 degrees Registration Canada Send correctly on the third or fourth page (if everything goes well). If governments and citizens are weakly rational, another is likely More dramatic The alarm bells of a frantic climate must lead to the immediate implementation of drastic measures in all countries of the world to control global warming.

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Takes it as a term for comparing locks decided by different governments Counter The spread of a virus that has caused three million deaths in seven billion people could lead to the closure of the world record for most heat recordings in recent days. Immediately Interruption of polluting factories, extraction of fossil fuels and countless other plundering activities by humans to alter the delicate balance of the earth. Unfortunately none of this happened.

Objectives to control global warming that governments are inserting into their post-epidemic agendas are set in their twenties or thirties and dominate the scene as always. Interests Low Cabotage: The inclusion of pro-lobby activities in national renaissance programs, the controversy over who should be the boss for the various parties, and the gathering of some more points in the referendum by the leaders of the major political forces. However, putting the news of the Govt spread on the front page even after 16 months did not do a good service to the community. Kovit caused an unprecedented crisis and created economic, political and social consequences that are still underestimated. But compared to what happens At the forefront of climate change The virus is less than an ant compared to a giant.

In 1971 Samuel Mines He marked one of the milestones of environmental protection The last days of mankind (“The Last Days of Mankind”). In the historical statement (“Dedicated to the wonderful men and women of the defense movement who fought so selflessly for all generations to come”) the author asked himself: Is it still possible to save the earth?, Describes the impressive wealth of details such as the systematic destruction of habitat and the irreversible elevation of the planet’s temperature by continuous injection of carbon dioxide. Fifty years later, the landscape of arrogance, superficiality and hysteria that mankind and its elites are wreaking havoc on the earth Has not changed In fact it has become even more outrageous.

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Behind labels like “Green Change” are hidden the same interests of those who have plundered nature for decades and disrupted the delicate balance of the planet. Other than that today, unlike the days when Mines wrote, the effects of looting They are deadly now. The general concept of detachment from large glaciers such as Sicily, or the catastrophe caused by the fire and heat of a superpower, It needs to be raised In the rush from the summer holidays, regulates the priorities of public debate. To face the disaster, a mobilization is needed Without precedents Citizens and emergency plans Extremists Action must be taken immediately to protect what is still being stored.

To do this, the independent media, the restructuring of editorial agendas and efficient voices are essential. Raises a dysfunctional conscience Large populations of inactive citizens. Several steps need to be taken to restructure such a debate. First, there has been an immediate ban on the intervention of virologists for several months Confusing citizens With contradictory and contradictory information about the spread of Govt. Considering the number of mistakes and enhanced reports, there is no need to block the ego of these characters by introducing monetary barriers to any news or opinion that later turns out to be false. Maybe it is Irreversible swelling Already a large number of applicants for citizenship income.

It is enough to decide that the central theme of the debate should change over the next twelve months and that there should be commentators to talk about it. Complicated Problems, opening up new questions and inviting citizens to new responsibilities. The twist that events take to save humanity That would be essential To implement something more demanding than an effective vaccine campaign.

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