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Insignia Report Cards: The symbol of the blue parable. Ready for Canada

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The defeat of the Italian national team on the night of Palermo was total. Injury against North Macedonia ended in a 1-0 defeat at the time, condemning the Assyrians as another World Cup spectator, a dream come true for all Italian fans. Lorenzo Insine He was one of those who sadly congratulated the blue jersey from the victory against England to the second “tragedy” linked to the World Cup. Gazette Dello Sport He writes harshly about him: “With 10 jerseys he has to pick, find, create, surprise Italy with his technique. Instead he is passive, almost ready for Canada”. The Courier Tello Sport Not too far behind: “Out of the game, slow and not too sharp. Inevitable alternative”. Tutosport He describes his performance by writing: “He struggles to overcome against someone, he has no clarity in that area”. The Courier della Serra He has been tracing in blue for the past few months: “Hand-kicked from round to corners: symbolic of blue penetration. He was the first to come out. Unrecognizable”. Print Criticizes coach’s choice: “Mancini rewards history more than present: unloading, he’s not interested in Macedonian goal despite being able to attack. Lost.” Finally, evaluation TMW: “Expect an extra, weird, enlightening game from number 10. Instead it’s very predictable of the blue trident: it’s just a simple passage, most of the time it’s not in question”.


TMW: 4
Gazette Dello Sport: 4
Courier Tello Sport: 4
Tutosport: 4
Courier della sera: 4
Print: 4

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