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When is it possible to get an eTA back to Canada for tourism? –

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Since January 2020, the emergency associated with Govt-19 has continued around the world. There were all countries with strong tourism industry, including Canada, that have decided to close borders for European citizens (and not only) who want to enter the country for purposes other than business and work, to pay the consequences in economic terms. Fortunately, on September 7, 2021, the Canadian government officially announced that all foreign nationals who have completed the vaccination cycle can enter the country for preferred reasons (i.e. non-essential including tourism) until certain conditions are met. Which? Let’s find out together.

Requirements for entering Canada with eTA

A few hours ago, the Canadian government established that it was finally possible to enter Canada for tourism. But what are the conditions to be respected? First, it is important Prove that the vaccine cycle is over for at least 14 days, Use of government-approved vaccines (Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Janssen). The Vaccine certificate, with understandable translation in English or French, Should be shown to border officials. But it does not end there, because every foreign citizen needs one Molecular test with negative result, The flight time to Canada does not take more than 72 hours. The government has announced that it will not accept rapid or unhygienic tests. Also, you should not have any signs related to Covit-19 at the time of boarding. Traveler forced Get the ArriveCAN app Share all necessary information, including vaccination certification and isolation program. Finally, it is essential to have iteTA Canada Therefore, be eligible under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act written by the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. But what is eTA Canada, and why not do without it?

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eTA Canada: What it is, why it is so important and how to claim it

The eTA must be requested a few days before departure (usually 4/5 days after the application is completed), with a price tag of 19.95 euros and aElectronic authentication It would be useful to enter Canada without a visa. How to apply for eTA? Doing so is very simple: all you need is a PC, tablet or smartphone and access to the eTA form online. You can fill out the application form for yourself but for other travelers as well. Each question comes with a clear and simple explanation and can be paid by credit / debit card owned by Visa, Nexi, MasterCard, American Express, PostPay and PayPal circuits. For that Urgent requests An additional charge of € 17.50 per person will be levied. Once the request is approved, you will receive a confirmation via email or SMS. There is no need to print eTA Canada.

What about travelers who do not complete the vaccination cycle?

Unfortunately, for all travelers who have not yet been vaccinated, the situation is the same as in the past: only Canadian citizens and Canadians and their immediate family members (spouse, parents, minor children) are allowed to enter the country. And, under certain conditions, to students enrolled in study in Canada and to workers, including temporary staff. Violation of the isolated duty at the entrance is constantly monitored by the police at the address indicated to the officers, which can lead to significant fines, reaching up to C $ 750,000. In some cases, law enforcement officers can be arrested for up to 6 months. Only minors under the age of 12 are exempt from the isolation duty, although they must comply with certain restrictions, including not going to school. On the other hand, children between the ages of 12 and 17 are required to observe a 14-day isolation period. Travel to Canada during the Corona virus It’s not easy, it will not be many months!

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Travel Advice during the Govt-19 period

Since this is a fast-growing situation, it is definitely wrong to make long-term plans over time, unless absolutely necessary. But what are the most important rules to respect when traveling abroad? First, it is essential to be safe and reduce the risk of infection Wash your hands regularly (Using soap and water or alcohol-based cleansing gel) Avoid rubbing your eyes, nose and mouth, Stop at least one meter away from other passengers e Always wear a mask. In case of sudden symptoms, it is strongly recommended to cancel the departure and return the ticket. To do this, you need to call the airline or online travel agent. If in doubt about the company to contact, you can find the contacts in the booking confirmation email or bank statement. Under what circumstances should one observe a period of isolation when returning from a stay? Currently, there is no compulsion to be isolated upon return from countries in List C drawn up by DPCM of 2/3/2021.

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