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Hon. Tony Valerie, from the Beligna Valley to the Government of Canada

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L’On. Tony Valerie (Born 1957), he became the Dean of Politicians of Abruzzi descent in Canada, where he was born. HamiltonFrom parents who left in the early 1950s Felicna Valley. According to the latest census in the state of North America, more than 1.5 million people have Italian surnames (the nation’s fourth ethnic group), which is the most open in terms of immigration. 1971 Has chosen multiculturalism “The value and dignity of all citizens, regardless of race, ethnicity, language or religion”.

Most Italian Canadians are concentrated in large urban areas Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Especially State of Ontario (Great Lakes Region) and Dell Quebec, Francophone. All of this is not accidental, if you think this is great Migration flow, (Between 1946 and 1967), most immigrants from the South and our Abruzzo benefited from the “sponsorship” system of relatives already living there, guaranteeing their first settlement in the federal state.

Now the flows of immigrants from different parts of the world have been reduced and replaced by planned allocations, based on the production needs of the Canadian economic system, which, like its American neighbors, belongs to the capitalist category, but the law and a “Developed State”, More guaranteed and European. Government in this model J. Trudeau It was reaffirmed with a liberal-democratic stamp, with a very racial mix, consisting of three ministers of Italian descent. Honorable among the highest politicians to the highest level of government. Tony Valerie, With its city Hamilton, In State of Ontario, More than 500 thousand Italians have accumulated and among them are Abruzzians like Larry de Ianni (whose family belongs to Villetta Baria) and former mayor and great educator. This is the most famous person in our colony, which makes the same note CRAM, The city of Hamilton has many twins with pelican centers. Undoubtedly, however, the most attractive mayor figure is Mauricio Bevilacqua (born 1960), born in Salmona and emigrated to Canada at the age of 10, re-elected mayor of the city of Vaughan (more than 300,000 people), north of Toronto. Already a very young deputy at the age of 28 and re-elected until 2010, he even ran for the federal leadership of the Best Liberal Party. The latter of the historical government Canada, Hon. Tony Valerie, Was elected four times to the post Minister of Transport, In Government of MartinIn the mid-2000s.

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Like the “centrist” Bevilacqua, Valerie has always linked her particular abilities with the balance of a politician who is defined as a “unity and good comedian” who is very close to the industrial and business world. This long political and professional path is essential in Canada, with the administrative experience of cities, similar to the Anglo-Saxon model, which rarely brings out leaders “without art or area” because Italy is fortunate enough to enjoy it. There, until now the same alternative of government and executive committees has been guaranteed, with Italian and Abruz ethnic elements asserting themselves through the “social upliftment” of working families, who see their children as graduates, professionals and technicians. By citizens elected as voters at various administrative and political, local and federal levels.

The same DG of Canada’s security services. Luciano Bentenudo Comes from the first Tore D’Bassery, Is also committed to supporting relations between our immigrants and their homeland through the FNIC. Of course, the older generations, rather than the new ones, have in their hearts the traditions of the native land and come back to support their own villages, especially in the face of natural disasters. The crater of the L’Aquila earthquake 2009, raising funds for their reconstruction. These, the unknown, are honorable. Tony Valerie, now a successful businessman (Corporal Affairs, vice president of ArcelorMittal Tofasco), also owns a multinational steel company in Italy. A successful campaigner, even a consultant for large local infrastructure, but may have always been fascinated by his greatest passion: politics with the capital P., in Canada, but not only at the center … playing with the ball.

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