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From the Urals to Siberia, there are 20-year-old soldiers of Putin’s generation sent to die on the Ukrainian front

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And like David, who served in Pskov, the headquarters of the elite Russian paratroopers and whose convoy was hit by Ukrainian artillery, there was, or rather, there was

Igor Pushenko

And the

Elia Kubik

And the

Khosinbay Masharipov

And the

Anatoly Tursunov

And the

Denis Fesenko

…and the list goes on with dozens and dozens of names. Boys who are often behind only one year of conscription, are inexperienced and unprepared to face a real war. meat for slaughter.


For example, he was sent from his home in Belogorsk, eastern Russia, to Ukraine, to die the day before his nineteenth birthday, at the start of hostilities.

Igor Melnikov,

An 18-year-old died in the city of Belogorsk, Amur region, in the Donbass on February 24, the next day he would have turned 19. After his death, he received the State Award for his bravery and was celebrated by his father Edward on Instagram as a hero. “This is my son Igor Eduardovich – he wrote, posting a photo of the boy in military uniform. – I am proud of him, I am not ashamed! He died while serving in Ukraine on February 24. Glory to the heroes!” .

Elia Kubik

, 18, had signed up as a contract soldier after military service. He died in the war, and was buried on March 23 in his native Bratsk, Siberia. the same fate for

Khosinbay Masharipov

19 years old, was buried in his village Savakolev, and

Anatoly Tursunov

He is 19 years old from Kongur in the Perm region and has been a welder in his life.

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to the soldier

Denis Sergeevich Fesenko

19 years old, who died on March 23 in the uniform of an assistant artilleryman, a grenade launcher was held in his hand.

They came from the same Ural city, Magnitogorsk

Alexey Kuzmin

He is 19 years old, and was buried on March 21, the same age

Alexander Bondarev


Alexey Martynov

, also 19 years old, came from Buryatia, a Buddhist region in Siberia that was brutally murdered by very young deaths in Ukraine. Martynov attended Ulan-Ude College when called to join the drafting project, initially working as a sailor on the Pacific Coast.

And again from Siberia,

Sergey Cherepov

20, from Morozovka, Novosibirsk Region, died on February 27, and was buried about a month later when his remains were returned to his village.

Ivan Garbuzov

, 20 years old, corporal in the National Guard, from Markov, Irkutsk region, was an altar boy in the Orthodox Church of his city; He was fatally wounded by shrapnel from a mine while working as a BMP driver. and the corporal

Yuri Lebedev

20 years old, was from the same Irkutsk region and died in the fighting in Chernihiv.

The biggest war dead born at the start of Putin’s first presidential term, according to the updated list published byEvening Standardera

Zorigto Khotsaev

21 years old from Buryatia.

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