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“When I go to see Elon I sleep in the garage” –

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From Marielissa Palumbo

Model at 74, mother of a Tesla and Space X owner: “My son is not interested in material things. His house in Texas is so small that I live in the garage.”

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New York – my musk He is a famous person, not only because he brought to the world one of the most famous men on the planet and talked about him. Stylish, and proudly Botox-free, the 74-year-old has been called to show off all over the world. His autobiography, released in 2019, has been translated into 30 languages, In May she appeared in a bathing suit on the cover Sports Illustrated Swimwear. During Paris Fashion Week, she was the beauty ambassador for Dior, hence the journalist times He met her for a long profile in the Sunday edition of the London newspaper. “They hired me for wrinkles – she says right away – no one asked me to change them.” As for the gray hair, he divides his artistic career when he stopped dyeing it at the age of fifty and cut it.

Direct and witty, it remains her favorite topic throughout the interview son of Elon
(Although the other two, Kimball and Tosca are also highly regarded.) From an early age he calls him “boy genius”: «He was always bent on absorbing information, and we could ask him about anything. That was before the internet. I guess we can now call it the Internet. Mae and her children’s life wasn’t always easy. Her ex-husband Errol, whom Elon described as a “terrible human being” who lived alone for a while, told her she was stupid and ugly: “I remember thinking: I can’t be an ugly model. But he beat me so I didn’t argue with him ».

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Eventually he took the three boys and moved from South Africa where they lived to Canada. They lost her luggage and she had to use Tosca and Elon’s clothes “because I couldn’t buy new ones.” Even long after the marriage was dissolved, she was “afraid of not being able to feed my children.”

He now lives in New YorkIn an apartment, “not big,” he says, “I don’t need wasted space because responsibilities come with it. I told my children, “This is the most beautiful place I have ever lived.”

Even beloved Elon, he asserts, even with the $270 billion he has made richest man in the world

And the Does not care about material goods and lives in a relatively modest place a Boca Chica, SpaceX headquarters in TexasMany that when he goes to see him “I should sleep in the garage. You can’t have a luxury home near a missile launch site”.

Mai claims she does not interfere in her children’s decisions (And thankfully, she admitted she didn’t want Musk to build an electric car and rockets), but she’s a real chicken. Her Twitter account, over 780,000 followers, is filled with the hashtag #proudmom, my proud mom. O mother of the tiger, if Elon is attacked: then The Wall Street Journal wrote that Sponsor of Tesla and Space X He was going to get one Relationship with the wife of his old friend Sergey Brin from Google, May was not a diplomat: “WSJ isn’t meant to be, it’s of your own making. as always. Who is paying you to lie this time?

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On the verbal abuses of the maiden Gleesa: “He has a weird sense of humor and doesn’t always realize that some people might not like or understand him.” If the slightly obsessed boy succeeds, he says, it is also up to his brother: “Many geniuses end up in the basement and make geniuses, but without the application of that genius,” and Kimball, who is one year his junior, had to take him out (now he’s also in Tesla and Space X boards). As for Elon, he can now easily mingle with “other shy people”: “All of his engineers are shy and low-minded.”

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