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Half-naked woman gets out of the back of the truck (and gets kicked out)

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Stunning short black dress. It’s definitely not the outfit we usually get surprised by Courier service Doorbell ringing. However, the young heroine of the video that garnered more than 11 million views, which went viral on social media, does not seem to have had any kind of embarrassment in withdrawing her delivery half-naked. The delivery was more accurately collected straight from the back of a courier truck, picked up by a smartphone and posted on TikTok. However, the strange exchange of deliveries has now cost the driver dearly Disqualified From the company.

The courier launched the video that went viral

In Florida, a courier was fired after a video showing a woman sneaking out of the back door of her Amazon truck went viral on social media. Photos dating back to July 2019 posted on TikTok a week ago have surpassed 11.2 million views. In the video, a blonde young woman in a black dress sneaks in and stumbles through the door and goes on her way while on a call. Unusual photos, welcome bread to the teeth of Chinese social media users unleashed in heartfelt comments: “The package will be delivered within 9 months. Thanks » One user commented.

Although neither the driver nor the woman was identified, a company spokesperson told Fox News that the driver lost his job because his behavior did not reflect “the high standards we hold for our delivery service partners and their drivers.” “Allowing unauthorized passengers to enter delivery vehicles is a violation of Amazon policy and the driver is no longer delivering packages to customers,” he added.

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