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When does snow fall in the Alps? Here’s what you need to know

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The region (Verbier) and other Swiss areas will get 20-40cm of snow next week, so skiing can return. The cold continues into next week, with frequent snow showers. Find out more about the best resorts in Switzerland Our guide.


Western Canadian resorts have continued to enjoy some of the best conditions since the season began in Alberta two months ago, but temperatures in the low 30s have been shut down in recent weeks for safety reasons. It has been very warm (still below freezing but close to freezing) with fresh snowfall in recent days.

Blackcomb Whistler Half of its widest part is open and brings up snow up to 1.5 m deep. Eastern Canada had warm weather and rain before Christmas, but Storm Elliot brought about 20 inches of accumulation and very cold temperatures in the days leading up to the New Year.

Unfortunately, since then it’s been a bit warmer again and the rain damage has been affected by the light snowfall. The largest area, Tremblant, has 60% of its slopes still open and snow depths of up to 130cm have been recorded.


Cloudy skies, sub-zero temperatures and light snow are forecast for much of next week across Canada. Find out more about the best resorts in Canada in our feature Advises.

United States of America

In the western United States, where the world’s snowfall appears to be hiding, storm after storm has moved in from the Pacific in recent months, each bringing several feet of snow. In 2023, California’s Mammoth Mountain began the world’s deepest snowfall, spreading over four feet. Up to 90 inches of snow was reported in a 24-hour period Monday in parts of Colorado and Utah’s Rocky Mountains. Ironically, all the snow and inclement weather in the Alps is causing more resorts to close than less snow.

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Unfortunately, it’s a less promising picture in the eastern United States, where New England has the same warm weather problems as western Europe.


It will look drier in the west next week, with plenty of sunshine, which will be a welcome respite. In the east, where it will be cold with light snow, there is good news there too. Learn more about the best resorts in the United States Our guide.

Scandinavian countries

Scandinavia is the only part of Europe where true winter is in full swing. Temperatures hit double digits below freezing, snow fell, and high-altitude Lappish resorts like Levi in ​​Finland emerged from weeks of polar night, and the sun finally reappeared on the horizon. Norwegian resorts are seeing the most snow so far, with Hemsedal reporting 30-90cm and up to 80% of their slopes open.


Over the next week, the weather will be mostly “snow, snow, snow”, with 5-15 cm per day in many areas.


The large Grandvalira (Soldeu El Tarter and Pas de la Casa) have had to reduce the amount of open land in recent days, so the Pyrenean Alps have similar problems. However, despite snow depths of 10-35 cm, it still runs 110 km runs. This is 55 percent of the entire 210 km piste during normal hours.


Monday brought fresh snow and temperatures dropped and excitement prevailed. It’s been sunny again since then, but more snow is expected this weekend.

Eastern Europe

There is a small north-south divide in Eastern Europe, with ski areas in the Czech and Slovak Republics managing to open up some ground, but a slightly worse picture in Bulgaria in the south, with almost no snow slopes and a few small snow bars. – Making machines.

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There are signs of cold and sleet conditions, with snow and frost expected from Monday into next week. Learn more about the best Eastern European resorts Our guide.


Apart from the pre-Christmas lightning, it’s been a cold month in Scotland with not much snow yet. There are a few ski centers, but so far only a few slopes based on artificial snow. This is a film that is progressing gradually.


After some warm weather over the weekend, temperatures are expected to be near freezing on the mountain slopes with frequent snow showers next week.

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