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Why is a euro with a cross worth so much? Here is the answer

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exist several samples of coins with a cross and/or a representation thereof; In this article we talk about 2 euros from Cyprus. If you have followed our previous articles, you will know that we are from 4FAn We love analyzing coins with their coins History and value. He won’t get away with you, so, we’d also like to take a look at those other countries , Especially, and why not, too different than usual.

2 euros from Cyprusas well as all other Euro currencies, circulated for this nation in 20084 years after joining the European Union. Today’s coin features on the faceAnd the The common face of 2 € with the EU profile with 6 vertical stripes that interfere with it, each one It is bordered by two stars at the extreme.

On the contrary , depicting an idola lush woman with open arms and ornate legs, delicately stylized to form a cross. Then the woman, in turn, It has a pendant in the shape of a cross hanging around his neck. In a semicircle, at the top On her head and on the right and on the left, she wrote in Greek and Turkish the name of the nation. (ΚΥΠΡΟΣ – capris)

Rarity and value

This coin, although it is minted Every year since 2008 until 2019, It’s very rare It can be found in copied versions From 2013 onwards. Its value is not very high, it is roughly equivalent to 7 € in good condition. Also, it’s interesting to know 1 euro coin Cyprus, It gives exactly the same representation; While for us, it is usual to differ from each other.

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If discovering the value does not satisfy you, You haven’t said the last word yet; There are, in fact, many samples for sale online because they feature minting errors, that by saying Defects that occurred during the coin minting process.

Remember, though. This is in addition to scarcity, They are above all Circumstances Where is your currency located? set price; A damaged and worn mneta cannot have the same value as in Unusual glossy.

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