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Vehicle consumption, with the window trick, you can cut the cost of petrol in half: guaranteed savings

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Fuel consumption, fuel saving technologies –

The energy crisis and the cost of fuel are burdening families who are facing a huge increase in expenses of all kinds.

when The price of gasoline increases, Italian families may see an increase in transportation costs, which in turn has a significant impact on monthly spending. In fact, depending on vehicles for daily transportation, such as going to work or taking the kids to school, families have to set aside a portion of their income to fill up their cars. Moreover, transportation costs can affect the prices of consumer goods as well, as companies that make and distribute goods often use vehicles for delivery.

there many reasons So the price of gasoline is going up. One of the main reasons is the cost of crude oil, which is rising due to increasing global demand and geopolitical tensions in some parts of the world. In addition, the cost of producing gasoline can also increase due to higher energy costs and production costs.

However, they do exist Many strategies and techniques It can help households lower their fuel bills and mitigate the financial impact of higher energy costs.

A technology that hardly anyone uses to save fuel is really trivial and anyone can do it!

Let’s first see some very easy and simple ways to save fuel:

  • Maintain the correct tire pressureUnderinflated tires can increase fuel consumption by 3-4%.
  • Drive smart: Accelerate gradually, avoid hard braking and maintain a steady speed. In this way, fuel consumption can be reduced by 5-15%.
  • Remove unnecessary payloadExcess weight increases fuel consumption. Remove non-essential cargo, such as bags and luggage, when they are not needed.
  • Maintain your vehicle regularlyRegular maintenance can improve fuel efficiency by replacing dirty air filters or defective spark plugs.
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Window technology to save fuel –

Even diligent use of the engine can help a lot, in fact:

  • Use the correct gear: Use lower gears when you need to pick up speed quickly, but upshift as soon as possible to save fuel.
  • Turn off the engine when possible: When the car is stationary, such as at a traffic light or in line, it is good practice, if you do not have an automatic stop and start, to turn off the engine that might be consuming fuel for nothing.
  • Use cruise control: Cruise control maintains a constant speed and reduces the use of brakes and accelerator, which saves fuel.

However, the technique we wanted to discuss in this article is trivially related to Window. Heating or cooling a vehicle can increase fuel consumption up to 10%. For this, when you walk around the city a Low speedsUsing the window instead of turning on the air conditioning not only dulls the freshness of the air, but also reduces consumption: in fact, air conditioning requires electricity from the car’s engine, which in turn requires fuel.

However, it is important to note that there are some situations where window style may occur not be effective. For example, when traveling at high speed on the highwayOpening the windows can cause additional wind resistance, which increases fuel consumption. Also, in some areas with extremely hot or humid air, air conditioning may be required to maintain an appropriate level of comfort inside the vehicle.

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