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Wheelchair football and hockey – a double victory for Macron Warriors Sabionita

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Sabionetta Sunday is a busy day for Macron and the Sabionetta, who made his debut with the soccer and hockey teams in their leagues, in a red and blue arena.
The wheelchair football team largely defeated Wolves Paregio 6-1 and dominated the entire match. The first goal of the season bears the signature of young Tommaso Candi, a minute after the start of the match, while the rest of the booty was played by the veteran and Italian Luca Mercury, who scored 5 goals. In the afternoon, the hockey team took to the field and organized the Magic Torino with a score of 8-2. Hockey Rossoble’s first goal of the season was signed by Giovanni Camponesco from the penalty spot. Then you see the table of scorers, the poker of goals scored by Giliberti, the double of Liccardo and the first goal in the jersey of the warriors, Yusuf Ali, entered in the last minutes.
In both games we saw the great technical work, preparation for the tournament that took place in the last month, the usual great grit and focus of Rosobli’s “warriors.” “I am very satisfied with my children – announced Manuel Celeberto, coach of the chair hockey team – and the work that has been done so far. We achieved an important victory at the start in full swing against a strong opponent both technically and physically. For the record, the great absence in the ranks of Turin must be remembered, But that does not detract from the excellent work done by the warriors. Let us continue like this.”

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The match against Wolverhampton Paregio was an excellent match – and the result clearly shows it, said Tommaso Licardo, coach of the armchair football team. “And we conceded something in the final. It was a good start and I’m very happy with everything we put in place. Now heading to the 11th of December and the match against Italy’s vice-champion black-black-gun.”

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