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WhatsApp, with this trick you can block someone and they will never know that I got rid of annoying without arguing

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Over the past ten years without a doubt, the world of smartphones has represented one of the most important changes and technological developments, with the launch of several models that respond well to the needs of each user, adapting well to their requests and above all paying attention to the economic aspect.

In parallel with this, we have witnessed the flourishing of instant messaging, which uses the Internet and has benefited to some extent from the success of smartphones making its way, becoming one of the most used applications in the world today.

We’re clearly talking about apps (or apps, if you prefer) for example The WhatsApp (which has now exceeded 1 billion users worldwide), becoming number one in terms of downloads, as well as Telegram, which has made its strong point in the advanced encryption system, and has obtained its fair share of users, with millions and millions of users that are continuously growing in the coming months .

Today we are going to focus especially on WhatsApp, in this case we are going to show you a useful trick to block someone without them knowing: let’s find out how to do it together!

For example, it often happens that we intend to block a specific person that we don’t like very much, but we actually don’t have the possibilities, it could be people we know well, or maybe family members, who can’t. delete it from his life. In this case, our trick comes to the rescue, thanks to which we can Put these people on standby without even realizing it.

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The details of the trick

In this case, the use of external programs or third-party applications is not expected, but everything lies in the use of “Archive chatsIt is within the WhatsApp application itself.

In fact, we know very well how any of our chats within WhatsApp can be safely archived, so that the chat is no longer visible on our home screen. Archiving is somewhat of a “light” blocking function for the app itself, since we won’t be blocking that person in all respects, but the chat will simply be archived, although it can be accessed at any time by simply swiping down.

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In case we change our mind about it, reverting to the previous state is very simple, given that “extractionTo extract the chat in question from the archive, thus returning it to the main screen of our conversations.

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