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WhatsApp, unusual news arrives: change voice messages

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There is another unusual news coming to WhatsApp and once again related to voice messaging: the function has just been launched.

The news within WhatsApp never ends, with another function that will enrich the audio sector. This new tool will, in fact, be implemented in a web application: that is what is changing.

The app does not stop updating (via screenshot)

It is a period full of updates he is going through The WhatsApp, who is now developing his skills better too desktop version. In the previous days we saw several Aesthetic devices who went to Change the chat interface. Now instant messaging service for dead are distributed in beta channel from version Web / Desktop ability to enter Pause This update was actually mentioned last August, when Meta extended the Beta software to the desktop version of the app as well.

Here the possibility of playing back audio before sending it for the first time appeared. Now, with the new update,to stop“In the voice message field has been replaced by an icon”PauseThe feature is definitely not new as it was launched in the beta channel of iOS In November. While the news hasn’t come yet Android. The new update is in Version 2.2201.2 It is now accessible to all who have joined beta program.

WhatsApp gets a makeover on PC: what’s changing

The WhatsApp
New app update (via screenshot)

There are always many updates that include The WhatsApp. But this time, the latest update is not about the mobile version but about the computer. In fact, Grandma will come to both of them windows in order to macOS. It will be possible to download the trial version from the Microsoft Store. In addition to the new Universal Windows Application (UWP) Whatsapp has been completely rewritten from the beginning. in its version Windows 11 It also integrates refurbished Acrylic Graphic Effects. With the new operating system also increases the speed of the application, which will open in less than a second.

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the drawing function, Allowing you to draw on a custom board and send the result as an image. Notifications will be sent even when the app is closed. According to the gate Lumia Updates Only the stickers will be missing, which will most likely be added in later versions. For iOS, the updated app should also work IPAD. However, at the moment, there is no information regarding the arrival date in Mac Nor on the iPad.

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