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WhatsApp: Now they will not be able to see you online with this feature

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“Last access” is a collection of words that inevitably make many think of one of the most discussed jobs on the green platform, which often puts the entire company at the center of bitter discussions.

Clearly, a recurring theme is privacy, and to the happiness of many, it looks like something in WhatsApp is about to change.

What will happen to the famous “last appearance”?

Not everyone knows that It is possible to limit our “last seen” visibility Thanks options “For contacts only” or “For others”, are ideal options if you don’t want to let each of your contacts know when you were last texting.

If you realize yourself in these needs, then the option “for nothing” will be especially interesting to you, which is able to hide our last communication. Many users use it daily and It allows for greater privacy protection, and is particularly convenient to avoid being constantly “controlled”. Or having to justify not responding to unwanted people.

How do we hide our last seen?

If you want to activate the function immediately, you must first go to WhatsApp settings and select Privacy. At this point, you will find the last seen button and you will get the three options mentioned above Decide who will oversee Last Seen.

Obviously this possibility exists for both Android and iOS, without any restrictions, and the question also applies to browser and PC versions: an option to go along with Zuckerberg’s willingness to standardize services across all the different platforms available.

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The future of WhatsApp and the needs of the new user

Among the many instant messaging platforms on the market, WhatsApp undoubtedly ranks first. Millions of users use it daily to exchange messages, multimedia content and voice notes, but also to make calls and video calls from all over the world.

These are the tools that the developers have designed to make the tool as complete and close as possible to the customer’s needs, to which is now added the desire not to make our last access available to everyone. In this regard, one wonders if the function will fail soon It will simply be deleted, making all users “freer”.

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