December 8, 2023

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WhatsApp, memory saving trick: if you do this, the app will become faster | Always remember to do this

WhatsApp, memory saving trick: if you do this, the app will become faster |  Always remember to do this
WhatsApp: A Hoax That Saves Your Memory (Web) –

With 2 billion users worldwide and 33 million users in Italy, we can define WhatsApp as the most used platform.

Obviously, we are talking about platforms Correspondence similar. We do not refer to anything else. the social They do not count on this existing. He is among the most used to being close to his family usersfor them Requests And theirs reports of any problems encountered. there updates continuously.

This brings greater protection to PrivacyLarger safety. Plus, of course, many new features. And all of these things are really important. Some users also ask loudly like, for example, Comrade mode Which allows you to use it on four devices same account with the same phone number.

And users use it with pleasure and in style particle. They exchange Messages of text, audio and content Multimedia. However, unfortunately, you can have memory problems. Especially in some cases. We are talking of course about device a little older with little memory internal.

And users who own them, many times, curse themselves that they can no longer view photos or videos because the phone doesn’t really know where to put them. So how do you do? what should be done? no fear. Because there is a trick that can be done in this particular case. It is very easy to put into practice and does not cost you any effort.

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Do you want to save memory? Try this super fast trick.

Often, especially within groups WhatsAppLots of photos and videos. All this content MultimediaHowever, they raise a significant problem. That is, it takes up space in memory smart phones. And for those with limited memory it is a real torture.

Here’s How to Archive WhatsApp Chats (Web) –

In fact, there is a file trick Which allows, in addition to ordering the chat list, to get some space free more. The magic trick we are talking about is: archive chats whether individual or group. Yes, this will allow you to do that to request In the application and by to free space. They won’t get there anymore notices.

and contents Multimedia They won’t come downloaded by default. Just enter the application and select all conversation you will want Archives. Select them and click small icon which will appear at the top in the form of a bar with a file Arrow Turn face down. Did you succeed? Now you can safely download your favorite content because the memory of your device will be much less full.