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Amazon Bans His Sales Account, Parcel Dealer Overwhelmed by Exhaustion

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“Striscia la Notizia” by Ricardo Trombetta

It tells the story of a merchant in comics and gadgets whose sales account is banned on the e-commerce giant


yet an error. Despite repeated attempts, the businessman was not able to resolve the situation.

“We sell all over the world but because of a mistake


He evaluated some of our e-commerce listed products as fake and blocked all our sales accounts: this means that all collections made in a certain period of several thousand euros are still and are not transferred to us.” These words of the entrepreneur

Daniel Castellano

He recounted the situation he has been living in for two months now.

“The biggest problem – added the seller – is the problem of the boxes because the error forced us in a very short time to collect all the goods stored with them at our expense, even here thousands of euros to return everything, we don’t know more places to put things.”

The envoy tried to listen

e-commerce giant

Who made it clear that he cares about his sales partners, also apologized for this “rare case” and said he was ready to solve the problem as soon as possible. In fact, a few moments later the seller reported a turning point in the situation: “Thanks to the intervention of

“Break News”

Within 24 hours, everything was resolved, accounts and funds opened, and, above all, parcels no longer rained. ”

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