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WhatsApp changes everything, here are the audio news and notifications

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After closing the year 2021 with several announcements regarding upcoming news, here it is The WhatsApp It takes its first decisive steps in 2022. Some changes are in the process of distributing among iOS and Android beta testers which are set to be much loved by users.

At the heart of the innovations planned for 2022 are Message notifications received andListen to the vowelstwo core components of the instant messaging system purchased by Facebook and now managed by the fledgling Meta. These are two different changes, as also reported on WABetaInfo, but they will both end up reaching more or less users simultaneously. At the moment it is being distributed to users registered in the beta version, which they will access over the next few weeks.

Profile picture in WhatsApp notifications

We have come up with the first two innovations provided by WhatsApp, with which the messaging app aims to provide users with more personalization on a graphical level. When they receive notifications of the arrival of a message, they will be able to display, in addition to the name and the first words of the text, also the photo associated with the sender’s profile.

In this way, getting to know the writer will be faster and it will be possible to immediately decide whether to read / reply or postpone until later. net obviously Photo “Creator” does not allow you to see the writer’s face. In terms of business, it can be a good way to publicize your brand and make it recognizable.

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But that is not all, as changing the notifications will also accompany some tweaks to the user interface. For example, there is a new way to view a file camerawhich will allow you to more easily switch from rear to front optics. Again, you can decide to send multimedia files in multiple chats at the same time, thus avoiding being redirected from one chat to another.

Smooth Voice Messages

We have now come to one of the most anticipated fundamental changes, or at least we expect it to be. This is the ability to listen to audio messages even outside the WhatsApp chat they are running in. For example it will be possible to start a file My voice received, then go to the contact list or to the public chat list.

A control mask will appear at the top of the WhatsApp screen, with the ability to pause or stop playback. It will also be possible to use a file Slider To know where you are with the message or swipe forward or backward.

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