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A seventy-year-old man underwent a wrong examination at Lodi Hospital

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Codogno: a 70-year-old underwent a wrong examination at Lodi Hospital

X-ray machine for CT scan

  • Tuesday 13 September 2022

“A lot” at Lodi Hospital examined a seventy-year-old boy from Kodogno, in what appeared to be an “exchange” of radiology patients. A woman who is having a transient ischemic attack (TIA) undergoes a diagnostic examination that she should not have had, in place of the one that is prescribed. “Chaos” could have occurred in recent days at the Maggiore Hospital in Lodi, where the woman was urgently taken by ambulance after falling ill and hospitalized in the neurology department. After his first CT scan on arrival and after the next 24 hours, the 70-year-old accompanied a radiologist to a healthcare professional for a head ultrasound, but was replaced by another patient and underwent another full body, as family members denounced indignantly. “A Doppler ultrasound is a targeted check for what you have to analyze, but the whole body is a continuous series of radiation, from head to toe,” a family friend reported.

“These are things that should not and cannot happen, and unfortunately they rarely happen, and for that very reason they will be under scrutiny to understand what happened. We are carrying out the necessary examinations, I want to enter them and through your newspaper I anticipate the apologies that I will personally present to the patient and his family”, reassures the General Director of Asst di Lodi Salvatore Gioia.

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