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Konami takes the criticism it receives seriously – Nerd4.life

Konami takes the criticism it receives seriously – Nerd4.life

eFootball 2022 It was hailed as the worst title of 2021, by the press and players. Konami claimed to have taken seriously The received criticism It attempted to indicate the factors that caused it in an official letter sent to Video Games Chronicles.

According to the Japanese publisher, speaking through its representative, i Problems It was mainly due to the transition to the new engine and new platforms, which greatly complicated the work of the developers. Whatever the case, it is difficult to point to one defining factor: “The incompleteness of the game is due to several factors, including the move to a new game engine, support for the latest generation of consoles, the PS5, Xbox Series X and S, the new free-to-play model and our desire to launch. game as quickly as possible.

The sum of these factors is well known to the company: “As a result, the game has received some pretty harsh comments about its quality. However, since the launch of eFootball 2022 in September, we have prioritized improvements and fixes based on feedback and feedback received.

We take the opinions of our players very seriously. […]We will continue to work on the game to improve it, and as always, players’ feedback will always be greatly appreciated.

Speaking of the reason for the rush to the launch, Konami gave a purely economic reason, which is that football games are usually launched at the same time as the start of the European Championship, when the public is most interested. Essentially, postponing it would have delayed the release by a year.

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We’re waiting for eFootball 2022 version 1.0.0, which will be available starting April 14, 2022, to see if any crucial improvements have already been made or if there is still a long way to go.