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Hockey The third match of the championship of the women’s team Scummed Bomborto – Solpanaro

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Bomborto – Tomorrow, Sunday, March 19, Game 3 of the Women’s National Hockey League Division 1 Championship will be played in Bomborto. Team Bomportesi, led by Tarantola and Collazo, will face the formations of SNIPERS CRT (Civitavecchia) and OLD STYLE TORRE PELLICE (TO). Scomed will have to accumulate points to advance in the ranking.

Also on Sunday, in Soragna (PR), the under-16 Scomed Bomporto will take part in the youth tournament against Flying Donkeys Empoli and Gufi Parma. Bomportesi, which, in the penultimate match of this regional, found itself second in the standings behind Flying Donkeys Empoli, will have the chance to close the gap on the Tuscans.

This is today’s programme:

SERIE A WOMEN CHAMPIONSHIP (on the track in Via Verdi in Bomborto)


4.30pm SCOMED BOMPORTO – Tore Belles

Youth Championship for men under the age of 16 : (in Soragna PR)

10:00 Scomed Bomporto-Gufi Parma

1.30pm Scomed Bomporto -Flying Donkeys Empoli

Women’s squad Scomed Bomporto Serie A Bianco, Idrizewski, Fachini, Papa, Foley, Zeppo, Zanella, Marchica, Johnny, Cicanti, Tarantola, Berardi and Bergamini.

Goalkeeper: Coaches Grosso Tarantola and Collazo. Bergamini

Scomed Bomporto U16 squad: Corazari e Corazari R.

Rebecchi F Parmigiani S. Raimondi F. Cipriano A. Allegretti T Vergari J.

in the pictures: Scomed Bomporto’s Serie A women’s team and U16 men’s teams – Newspaper registered with the Court of Modena Ot. 20/2017

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