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What will happen on August 27 – Libero Quotidiano

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Bergoglio towards resignation? Rumors are growing that the head of the Holy See is about to leave the Vatican and return to private life. The latest rumors spread before Massimo FagioliProfessor of Theology at Villanova University, who reports to “It is clear that the pontificate of Pope Francis I entered the final stage. He himself is aware Be near the end.” Among the reasons why the Pope is ready to give up his post is the unstable health conditions. Not surprisingly, he often admitted that he was forced to miss some appointments due to severe knee pain. Then to this is added a real “evidence”, contouring invitation August 27 and appoint 21 new cardinals, 16 of whom are under 80 and ready to vote at the next conclave.

In addition to Faggioli, convinced by the rumors that follow each other is Washington Post: “Francis would have chosen more than 60 per cent of the electorate who would choose his successor, thus increasing the odds – even if it would be very difficult to obtain assurances to that effect – that he would be Daddy of his own directionAnother mention of the American newspaper is the trip to L’Aquila, this trip planned to visit the tomb of Celestine V, another rare case of the resigned Pope. However, there are hurdles. Washington Post, Bergoglio would like to avoid having three live popes, two of whom—including Ratzinger—live.

in any case for Austin Ivery, biographer of Francis, “These rumors are inevitable. The pope has opened the door to every option for the future. Each pope can finish his pontificate when he sees fit.” Not surprisingly, Ivery explained in his last meeting with Bergoglio: “He was in pain and tired. There was some improvement, but in the sense that he used the wand occasionally.”

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