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What will be the new locations where they shot “Un passo dal cielo 7”

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After the sixth season of the highly successful TV drama A Step From Heaven, the seventh season is about to arrive. Thanks to the success, as well as the catchy plot and actors (in the first three seasons Terence Hill, in the last three seasons Daniele Leuti, and from the next Marco Rossetti, known for another TV series “Document – in your hands‘), also moves to the places where it was filmed.

The first sites in South Tyrol

In addition to the main characters, the locations have also changed over the years. Initially, “Step from Heaven” was set in Val Pusteria, South Tyrol, in the area between San Candido and now Fame Lake Price (which has since attracted so many millions of visitors that it has had to take steps to manage visitor traffic, especially in the summer).

The cabin in which the protagonist lived, a small LEGO building that actually houses the ticket office for boats that can be rented for a short tour of the lake, overlooks the green waters of this lake.

New collection in Cadore

Over the seasons, production moved more and more beyond the South Tyrolean border to the bottom Cador, so in Veneto. And we’re still here to find the heroes and the events of the Forest Corps commander to unfold. The police station is located on another beautiful lake in this area, Lake Mosigo (also known as San Vito Lake as the neighboring area of ​​the same name).

This picturesque lake mirror, just outside San Vito di Cadore, is very popular with those who like to walk and relax in the mountains and forests of the Dolomites.

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Here the group was created primarily in the Boite Valley, a valley that takes its name from a stream of the same name that rises at the foot of the Croda Rossa d’Ampezzo. This valley is crossed by the dolomite path and is beautiful with stunning views.

Season 7 locations

In addition to other places in Belluno region already seen in “Step from Heaven 6 – Guardians“There will be something new in the new season. In particular, in Val Belluna and in the Feltre region.

Val Belluna is a wide valley in the Belluno County, of course, between the Belluno Prealps on one side and the Southern Dolomites on the other and runs through the Piave River.

On the other hand, Feltrino, which is part of Val Belluna, is famous for its natural value, many protected areas and for being inside them National Park of Belluno Dolomites.

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