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What to do during childbirth – Libero Quotidiano

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A scandal engulfed a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, where a Anesthetist He was caught in the act while Maltreatment sexually from U.S Women pregnant Who was in the delivery room for a caesarean section. From Brazil, the video clip of a segment of violence against women, which was heavily drugged, has spread all over the world.

While unsuspecting colleagues did their work, benefiting from the coverage someone provided curtain surgical The man covered the patient’s face from the rest of her body, pulled out his penis and placed it in the poor victim’s mouth. The video, which caused panic around the world, only lasted a few seconds, but in the hospital report, there is talk of an assault that continued. Almost ten minutes. It is alarming that in this period of time no one has noticed anything. The truth is that the anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Pizzella32, charged with rape.

The crucial film captured with a secret camera set up by the hospital for some time, only to follow the anesthesiologist, as many of his patients were often shocked with too much anesthetic. Police are investigating whether the man has actually committed similar violence in the past, during caesarean sections or other surgeries.

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