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Winter Revolution: You can say goodbye to radiators | Heat your home this way and you’ll save money

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Heating: how to save –

The cold season is approaching and with it a revolution in consumption: we can finally say no to staggering bills.

at this point winter It is upon us, and with it Italians’ fear of once again being hit with high bills just so they can heat their homes is beginning to materialize.

Last year, also due to the consequences of the war in Ukraine due to the involvement of energy supplies to Europe, expensive Bills It has been documented in detail.

Many people have also taken to the streets to ask for state help in these difficult times, and now that the problem has arisen again, Italians are already… he ran to repairs.

Fortunately, some data has been published that reveals an accurate way to do this Memorizes: Let’s see which one.

Winter without worries

Everyone is currently worried and waiting for the moment the heating is turned on to find out how the consumption problem will take shape next season. the Air conditioners In summer, even that is no longer a luxury, as temperatures rise around the world due to various factors – many of them human-caused – resulting in people having to endure unbearable heat in parts of the world. village It used to be cold even in summer.

However, many have seen fit to anticipate this problem: many people have equipped themselves with a heat pump as an alternative, but it will actually be cheap?

Heat pump -
Heat pump –

Heat pump or conventional heating

Right on the site Data comparing the consumption of conventional radiators and that of heat pumps has been published. It should also be remembered that almost all modern air conditioners, which are often used in the summer to cool the environment, also have the option ‘pump to heat’. However, according to published data, a heat pump for heating will ensure significant energy savings – which is good for our pockets and our planet.

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This saving can be increased by combining heat pump and radiant systems, where the temperature is on average 30-35 degrees. In the last case, savings It can reach 40 to 70% compared to traditional systems that use fuel. On the site there is also an electronic table designed to calculate the potential savings that we can achieve in our specific circumstances benefit If we use a heat pump instead Conventional heating.

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