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Lion school buses embrace the Canadian community thanks to V2G

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Lion Electric The Canadian company, which specializes in medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles, sells its products across North America. His most famous vehicle is of course Lionsey School BusWith a common design and an equally common yellow color.

Canada’s Prince Edward Island has ordered 200 The first 82 will already enter service next month. But taking children to school is not the only activity lions are used for.

A Canadian province has actually officially added school buses to the list Social support devices during natural calamities. To understand why, it’s necessary to take a step back to the area hit by the tail end of Hurricane Fiona last year. 95% of the island was left without electricity, forcing people to move to “warming centers”, shelters capable of actually keeping people warm, offering drinks and hot food.

Until now, these operations were carried out using diesel generators, and the last emergency resulted in one death from carbon monoxide poisoning. instead of henceforth School buses will provide the energy needed for shelters, thanks to vehicle-to-grid operation.


We talked about it often, about it being possible Return to network, or energy stored in a traction battery for a specific building (vehicle to home). Thus there are two Lionsee school buses Batteries between 126 and 210 kWhDepending on the models, they can Feed a shelter for three days.

The power transmission function is used to stabilize and support the grid, even if not during emergencies. Accumulates when renewable energy plants produce more, and returning for example in the evening, thereby reducing the generation peak of polluting thermal power plants. All in line with the goal that all of Canada wants to achieve, namely net zero.

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