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What time should you exercise to lose more weight? Science reveals this

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Perhaps few people know this but not all times of the day are the same when it comes to losing weight: in fact, according to a study recently published in the scientific journal obesity, to Weight loss To return to your physical fitness, you must engage in physical activity at a specific time period of the day.

What does the study say?

Anyone who decides to do activities Between 7 and 9 am They will be able to get better results compared to all other periods of the day: To reach this conclusion, researchers studied data of more than 5 thousand people from 2003 to 2006 that entered the database of an American research program that evaluated the general health of both children and adults. The groups were divided into: Three time periods of the day: Some train in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the evening. Well, the association between weight loss and training time was stronger among those who trained in the morning. Not only that, but the benefits were also nutritional, as morning physical activity lovers ate better than others, also got the right calories as well as leading a more active and less sedentary life.

This is exciting new research that aligns with common advice for achieving exercise goals, which is to schedule exercise in the morning, before distractions from emails, phone calls, or meetings.“, he announced Rebecca Krukowskia clinical psychologist expert in behavioral weight management and professor at the University of Virginia.

But what is not yet known is why the same type of training done in the morning gives better results compared to other time periods. “For example, those who exercise regularly in the morning may have more predictable schedules, are less likely to take shifts at work, and have fewer caregiving responsibilities for others that get in the way of morning exercise. added the scientist. The importance of having specific schedules could influence weight (and therefore weight loss), which was not assessed in this study, but there could also be other factors such as the quality and duration of sleep as well as stress levels. Therefore, to investigate these reasons, further research will be necessary even if there is an important first answer: those who train in the morning can get better results than at other times of the 24-hour period.

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What happens on weekends

Meanwhile, other research into physical activity linked to maintaining fitness and weight loss has highlighted that those who only have time to train on the weekend can achieve the same results as those who train consistently, up to four times a week. Gym. The study published on MosqueThis aspect was highlighted after examining data from 90,000 participants for six years. In this particular case, we relied on adverse events related to the accidentThe possibility of stroke and cardiovascular disease: Whether you trained during the week or focused all your efforts on Saturday and Sunday, these negative events decreased in the same way by 20-40%, and you got almost the same benefits.

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