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New version, up to 5 players with boost, to report –

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Windows Central shared a new report confirming (unofficially, of course) that Microsoft intends to propose a file Xbox Game Pass Family PlanThis is one New subscription purchase option. For a single expenditure, up to five people will be able to use the service at the same time. Some details remain to be determined, however, such as the exact release date currently set for 2022.

Xbox Game Pass Family Plan, 2nd Windows CentralIt had been planned for some time, but there were still various doubts about how it would be managed, so it was not certain that Microsoft would decide to continue with this idea. Now, the newspaper has confirmed that Redmond actually wants to propose this new purchase plan and has decided to publish it this year.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Family Plan It will allow you to pay a higher monthly amount and will allow up to five players to access the library. Obviously, by dividing the cost, the final price for a single player will be much lower. This is a similar system to the one used by the Nintendo Switch Online, but also by Netflix or Microsoft services like Office 365. Players will need to be in the same country and there will be, out of the five, one main account that will handle payments.

But there are still gods unknown details. For example, it is not clear if there will be a family plan for PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass, or if it will only be available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the subscription version that allows access to both console and PC, as well as on mobile phone, also includes Gold Live. The actual price of this five-year plan is not even known.

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According to Windows Central, Microsoft will announce everything in the “near future”. Tell us what do you think? Which service are you most interested in between the new PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass?

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