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Here comes the ketchup flavored popsicle. For now in Canada …

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Launched in France on June 24, FrenchClick Canada, the new limited edition version of Popsicle was launched in association with the well-known French ketchup brand Happy Pops, a Canadian company specializing in purely natural popsicles sweetened with real fruits and sugar. Sugarcane so he reports Italy today.

The French celebrate the first week of summer, which is only available for seven days in Vancouver, Toronto and Leamington, and donate two meals for every piece the French buy to food banks to tackle food insecurity in Canada.

The delicious taste of the tomatoes in the franchise is exactly in balance with the reference to “salty sweet”. Made from 100% Canadian tomatoes, it combines some of the best traditions the season has to offer: ketchup and popsicles.

“I love creating innovative treats that appeal to different Canadian flavors,” said Leila Kesavji, founder of Happy Pops. Can not “.

Ketchup is one of the most popular ways to taste summer food. According to a survey conducted by the French, Canadians who like ketchup enjoy it better in French fries (84%) and barbecue dishes such as hamburgers, hot dogs and sausages (59%). Now, though. They can update the summer grills with franchising.

“It’s going to be fun this summer,” said Trevor Skiers, country manager at McCormick & Company, which owns the French brand. 100% Canadian “.

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