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“What really happened to Moskva.” Nuclear war at the gates? – Free daily

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He also has his say in the war in Ukraine Edward Luttwak. It was the sinking of the war that changed the picture, says the American economist and politician. “The Ukrainians had set specific orders for the battery: when a Russian ship was seen it had to be sunk. This order was given when the threat of a strong amphibious landing of the Russians was imminent. The problem is that it was not changed when the Russians themselves did. They stopped landing. And when Moskva appeared In the range of the Neptune missile (a copy of a Russian anti-ship missile), the battery carried out the orders given two weeks ago. ” The truth isn’t just due to the fact that for Luttwak, the magazine concluded, “This is an example of how we’ve slipped toward escalation.” And according to the political expert, who is keen to repeat it, “we have reached a situation where we need little to reach an all-out confrontation…”.

The only solution to stop this horror and achieve peace? Public referendum: “As soon as it is accepted – it should be, because Putin insists that all Russians in the areas affected by the conflict are Russians and that they love Russia – the necessary measures are taken. The shooting is stopped and military moves are stopped.” This does not mean, however, to stop sending weapons to Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky, Far from it: “The Russians will not accept a referendum if they can win. To make peace, you need a military balance. So you need Ukraine’s help to prevent it from collapsing. And if Kyiv is crushed, the Russians will not negotiate at all.”

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Hence the arrow A Joe Bidenthat still insults Russian President Vladimir Putin: “If you do not want to descend into a nuclear war, you have to find a way out of this conflict and you cannot do it without the cooperation of Vladimir Putin, the current President of Russia. You have to stop insulting him, stop talking about war crimes (which means that there is a criminal) And start talking about how to get out of the conflict.” clearer than that.

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