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PlayStation VR2, poor sales, without the price cut, would be a complete disaster for IDC

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the sales to PlayStation VR2 It was bad, according to data reported by Bloomberg and provided by market analysis firm IDC, which recommends Lower the price from the headset to try to avoid a complete disaster.

According to data collected by IDC, between February 22, 2023, the day of launch, and the end of March 2023, PlayStation VR2 sales will reach 270,000 units. Given that Sony’s initial target for launch window sales was around 2 million units, at least according to what was reported before the headset even arrived, you know that failure could have been really big and that Sony should do something to try and save the day.

What problems might PSVR2 encounter? Why did he not enter the hearts of PS5 owners? In the meantime, it must be said that the price is really high, given that we are talking about 599 euros. The hardware is definitely worth its money, but it seems that few decide to spend more to buy them than they did to buy the console.

Another problem is Lined up From launch games, it’s not exactly exciting, although there are good games like Horizon Call of the Mountain. On top of that, there’s the issue of incompatibility with PSVR1 games, which severely limited the appeal for first viewer owners.

In short, me problems From PlayStation VR2 are well known. It must be said that the data is not official, so you have to wait for Sony to confirm or deny it to make sure it is correct. However, it must be said idc extension It is a well-known and reliable company, so we believe that its results cannot be too far from the real data.

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