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What he swallows is fatal to him

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Unfortunately, a story comes from the United States that has a crocodile victim twice to humans that was found in a pond and died shortly after.

Crocodile in captivity (Photo by Pexels) –

The story that has the renamed crocodile at its heart Godzilla by experts who until the last minute tried to care for this specimen of about 5 or 6 years of age, brings back to the center of the debate an issue perhaps not dealt with frequently: the issue associated with selection. you have as a pet In the house an exotic specimen.

Because poor Godzilla, the alligator found in a New York City park, is not a new specimen of the local fauna, but a striking case of a pet. up for himself. And if an abandoned dog or cat had little chance of survival by finding a new master, then the fate of the poor crocodile Godzilla was sealed.

The story of the American alligator Godzilla

Alligators, despite the urban legend wishing to generally inhabit the sewers in the city renamed the Big Apple, are certainly not part of the fauna in the states farther east. However, crocodiles are found on the American continent Present But they are usually found in the swamps of Florida. swamps that are their natural environment Where do they live, hunt and reproduce?

Submerged crocodile (Photo by Pexels) –

The specimen that was captured was instead found in an abandoned pond in the city and unfortunately it is deceased Although experts at the Bronx Zoo are trying in every possible way to save her. The cause of death, as later ascertained, was the animal’s swallowed bathtub stopper that was stuck in its digestive tract. A condition that prevents him from breastfeeding and he was suffering from it along with chronic ulcers Malnutrition led to his death.

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I repeat an obvious fact

Crocodile among plants (Photo by Pexels) –

Zoo employees in the Bronx, New York, found themselves having to Repeat the obvious call to Do not have exotic animals at home as pets. The circumstances in which Godzilla the crocodile was when he was retrieved from the pond were in fact already desperate with the animal he was in He did not weigh half his weight in the wild. What makes you think even more is that this animal may have outgrown its short life inside the bathtub before it was abandoned as litter in the pond.

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