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What happened to the actor who played Mariangela?

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Famous for his role, he disappeared from the radars of television. Here’s what happened to the actor who played Mariangela in Fantozzi

in World the television And from the Italian exhibition there are practically unforgettable cinematic works and heroes. Among these, there is certainly one of the most beloved novels on the Italian cinema scene: Fantasy.


Episodes that focused on the life of the most famous accountant in Italy became real Works religious sect which still today represent great masterpieces for our local television. Among the most beloved characters, in addition to the character of the protagonist of course, there was a rather certain one, however, today it seems that he has completely disappeared from the radar of the show. here you are What happened to the actor who played Mariangela In Fantozzi.

Here’s what happened to Plinio Fernando, the actor who played Mariangela in Fantozzi

In a short time he became one of the main characters of “Fantozzi”, Mariangela, which he played Pliny FernandoHe soon became a major character in Fantozzi’s narrative. The character was nothing but a daughter accountant Fantasy.

Although many years have passed since the first broadcast of the film, the character played by Plinio Fernando is remained in the hearts One of the most enthusiastic about cinematic work. And today it seems that the actor has disappeared from the world of television, and many are wondering what happened to him.

Today Fernando 74 years He left the world of cinema and television, but did not lose his passion for art and creativity. For some time, in fact, Pliny devoted himself entirely sculpture and for paintingThanks to the teachings of Roberto Cosino and Marina Josi.

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Plinio Fernando was a professional and lover of medieval sculpture, and he created one take photo The Synagogue of Rome, which can now be visited in Tempio Maggiore. The artist was also able to display some of his creations in 2008 in Gallery Vetteland in 2015 in the Civil Archaeological Museum.

there film career Almost by chance, thanks to an audition for the part of Mariangela, Pliny started in the movie “Fantozzi”. It was the director who chose it Lucano Sales Which was immediately good to him Paolo Villaggio.

His last public statements date back to Funeral From a great actor. On that sad day, Fernando talked about a relationship “Appreciation and friendshipThis is a link between the two.

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