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The Italian trailer for the long-awaited epic New York sequel has arrived!

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Scream VI will hit cinemas on March 9, the long-awaited sequel to the saga started by Wes Craven and successfully completed by the Radio Silence collective. But in the meantime we can already see the Italian trailer.

The protagonists, starting with Jenna OrtegaWe’ve been told that Sixth scream It was definitely bloodier and more vicious than its predecessors, and based on The Italian trailer has just been releasedLooks like they weren’t lying! In the trailer for the upcoming movie In Italian cinemas on March 9Indeed, we see the face of a ghost haunting our heroes no longer on the streets of Woodsboro but in the shops, on the subway, and in the crowded streets of New York. And this time the maniac in the mask appears to be masking semi-supernatural characteristics, much like Michael Myers on Halloween.

The Sixth Scream: The Time for Terror Returns

If the trailer convinced you and piqued your interest (whoever writes these lines can’t wait to see it in the cinema), we remind you of the plot, necessarily minimal (we don’t want to reveal too much, do we?) of this new chapter of Scream: after the recent murders of Ghostface The four survivors leave Woodsboro to start a new chapter in New York. The rest… you can imagine from the trailer. They come back Screaming VI Melissa BarreraAnd Jasmine Savoy BrownAnd Mason GoodingAnd Jenna OrtegaAnd Hayden Panettiere And Courteney CoxWith Jack is a heroAnd Henry CzernyAnd Liana LiberatoAnd Dermot MulroneyAnd Devin NicodaAnd Tony RevoloriAnd Josh Segara And Samara Textile.

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