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What does the peace plan between Russia and Ukraine that Erdogan will propose to Putin include?

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Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Will make a peace proposal between Russia And the Ukraine to me Russian President Vladimir Putin during the meeting Today’s announcement Astanacapital Kazakhstan. mediation promote Ankara to a broker. Who nominates the capital or Istanbul At the headquarters of any talks between the Tsar and Volodymyr Zelensky. After agreements on wheat and on prisoner exchange which included Azov BattalionAnd the Erdogan Become Mediator Crisis officer. Because even though his country is part of Boy Turkey tried to keep Relations With Russia and Ukraine even then February 24. Also to protect their interests, because they depend on Moscow oil. Putin’s diplomatic adviser announced to the media that “Erdogan is likely to propose something in an official way.” Yuri Ushakov. Who says he expects an “interesting and useful conversation” between the two leaders.

try to negotiate

Trying to negotiate is expected in different ways. Without exception, share Kyiv. Pairs with putative (but for deny it) From Joe Biden after, after voices From the meeting scheduled for G20 with put it in. According to Russian sources, Turkey’s proposal is based on three main points:

  • The cease-fire Between the two countries a truce turns into peace.
  • The Recognition From a part of the territory it annexed He flies;
  • create something isolating area Between Russia and Ukraine with the International Border Administration.

As we know, Zelensky banned negotiations with Putin. And her too He said Who wants to “plant flags everywhere in the world” DonbassHe adhesion For NATO which, however, is impossible to obtain for a country at war. Hence it seems very difficult to find a way to satisfy Kyiv point 2 from negotiations. Also because the Ukrainians have announced on several occasions that they want to take back Crimea. Which has been under Russian control since 2014. It seems difficult for Zelensky to retrace his footsteps. Just as it sounds so difficult Russia accepts “international” management of its borders. Since I invaded Ukraine for this very reason.

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