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New Umbrian football station arrives, tournament resumes Sunday 30

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A new hiatus for Umbrian football will resume on Sunday 30 January and not Sunday 23 as originally planned for the Excellence and Promotion tournaments. Thus, the Italian Serie A and the regional second division, together, will resume, together, between the two Sundays, 51 days apart from the last match on December 19. Forced selection by the Umbrian Regional Committee given that the Technical Committee of the Ministry of Health approved today only the protocol for the resumption of sports activity for athletes who have been cured of Covid, which was drawn up on January 7 by the Italian Sports Doctors Federation. In particular, the protocol shortens the 30-7 days that must elapse from passivity, before athletic fitness can be restored. The delay in approval and a step back from the same Fmsi that initially published, on its portal, the protocol without obtaining government approval, then having to report how this protocol, in fact, has no legal value, made it impossible or nearly impossible to conduct medical examinations.

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