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What an ugly new sting, but a bonus of 3,500 euros will save you

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A lot of things are changing in terms of what matters to the motoring world as well because motorists are getting more and more affected by increases and not many can afford them anymore.

News on the front car many And if the most difficult checks reach the checkpoint, there are also new rewards and new aids that offer a truly tangible hand to Italian families.


First let’s see what It occurs at the septum.

The new sting at the septum

When the officers stopped at the barrier, they took a very quick look at the car and asked Vehicle registration document, driver’s license and insurance tag.


This is quite a routine check but many Italians today find themselves in difficulty because they often realize that the insurance provided by the sites On the Internet is worthless. In fact, the internet is full of scam sites that provide totally false insurance but the problem is that when agents notice it at the checkpoint To appear guilty and just citizen. In fact, the agents realize it’s a scam, but anyway it was the car driver who made the trade Without insurance coverage The problems can be many.

Rich Reward 3500 Euro

But at the same time it comes Discount on the car tax as well as the bonus paid 3,500 euros without the need to buy a new car. The bonus for a car tax rebate is something all Italians can get simply by paying the domiciliation stamp at a bank or postal checking account. Paying the stamp duty this way will give you a 20% discount on this tax Thus it is certainly better to take advantage of them. But the most interesting bonus on the front of the car lately is the so-called retrofit bonus. Indeed a retrofit bonus Pays 3,500 euros without having to buy a new car Thus it is definitely not one of those rewards that puts money in the pockets of Italian families To buy electric cars is expensive.

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You don’t need to buy a new car

In fact, the driver will be fine 3500 euros if you are in your car It performs a process called retrofit. Retrofit is nothing but a file Replacing the old car engine with a new electric motor. By doing this, your old car becomes a modern electric car without the cost of buying a new one, but also benefits from really solid government assistance. In fact, the retrofit process can be Bring a tax deduction of 60% to a maximum of 3,500 euros.

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