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A solution to save bills with a big discount on your purchase

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To save on bills, a home mini wind system can be installed on balconies, but also in gardens and terraces.

Many are starting to consider saving on bills by looking at both PV panels and wind turbine systems. This is how I started thinking about sustainable energy. For example, instead of Solar panels, the new savings trick is a PV pergola.

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Like Already mentioned in reference to mini wind and solar panelsIn the absence of space, a small local wind system can be installed to reduce the increase in electricity and gas.

Small Home Winds: A Billing Savings Solution, But Is It Really Worth It?

In the beginning at least, a small wind plant is certainly not an economical solution. Of course, it alone will not be able to generate enough energy to “maintain” a housing unit. The cost of classic horizontal blades ranges from 1.00 to 2.000 euros. The production will be a maximum of 3 kW plus installation and maintenance costs.

The choice obviously depends on the type of home, so if it’s detached or in a condominium. In fact, for example, if it is an apartment entered into a condominium without external space, you can choose a type of system called a vertical axis. This has lower costs, about 200 euros, but also lower power output, about 0.5 kW.

Is it really worth it?

It is useful to remember that the installation of a small wind system in the house is a deductible expense which nevertheless depends on the energy produced we guarantee, the so-called self-depreciation. That is why it is important for the system to operate as efficiently as possible.

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So you can consider a small wind system that relies on expert staff and only consider it if there are open spaces that guarantee a reasonable amount of wind useful for getting electricity. One solution could be to visit the Aeolian Atlas website for Italy where the colors on an interactive geographic map indicate average wind speeds.

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