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Big Expectations for the Vicenza Derby – Asiago

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The Devils return to their home circuit on Wednesday, December 22 (race begins at 20.30) for the derby against Asiago, following the weekend dedicated to the Grand Prix Cup.

Major Regions Cup
The competition took place last weekend and saw Veneto win with the support of some red and white. The challenge at the All Star game was beautiful, too: Sigmund “Vichenza” was crucial to his team’s victory. Great party and great show for everyone.

However, on Wednesday we need to focus again on the championship for the final match of 2021 with a derby of those who promise emotions and battles that red and white will have to face with the utmost attention.
“The derby is definitely a tough game – announced Andrea Delfino, the Devils Bomber -. It’s not been that long since we played Asiago and we struggled at home. This year they are playing very well and they are a full team on the three lines, so our approach to the game has to be important. To do our best to finish this year in the right way, without losing points against Milan.”
“We have to be very focused and play very well defensively, compared to the first leg that had some flaws from a defensive point of view. We are all complete – concludes Delfino – and therefore hope to give our best and get the three points back.”
The race can also be followed in the flow On FISR’s YouTube channel

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