December 4, 2023

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What a story the 6-cylinder Alfa Romeo is

What a story the 6-cylinder Alfa Romeo is

Athletic heart – under the hoodAlfa Romeo always hitsAthletic heartNow entered into the imagination of enthusiasts, says a famous advertising slogan, one of the rare cases in which the romantic vision outlined by the slogan corresponds to the truth: thinking of it, in fact, not a single model comes to mind, among those of the history of the Milanese house, which did not It remains famous for its refinement or abundance engine. In Alvista culture, engines such as the legendary four-cylinder “twin cam” born with the 1900 in 1950 and the fearless boxer from the same hash that first moved the Alfasud in 1972 were the object of an almost religious devotion.

Six legendary legendary – do not say “venerated”, though they are less closely associated with the popular imagination because of their more noble association, they Six-cylinder engines Which, starting in the second decade of the twentieth century, formed the soul of many road races and races from Alfa Romeos that became legendary. The news, confirmed by the company’s top management, is that in a few yearsAlfa Romeo He will build one supercars who can be summoned 6 c (here news), reviving the glories of the glorious ancestors who followed one another between the 1920s and 1940s provides the perfect starting point for rediscovering some of the most beautiful and important Six-cylinder Alpha Yesterday and today. In strict chronological order, in our photo gallery we have grouped ten of them which, in different ways, represent a milestone for the Alfa Romeo family.

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