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Spain, 68 doctors in intensive care Malaga test positive after Christmas party –

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173 people were present at the Christmas party: 68 of them tested positive, all working in the intensive care unit of the Provincial University Hospital of Malaga.

a seventy Among doctors and nurses in the intensive care unit of a regional university hospital Malaga, in a Spain, tested positive after participating in one birthday party With a total of 173 people. This was reported by Reuters, which cited the regional government in Andalusia as a source.

Local health authorities have yet to verify with certainty the origin of the infection – which could also be lunch or dinner for many hospital doctors – but they have also said that everyone 68 The people who tested positive were at the Christmas party, which was held on December 1.

All the injured appear – again according to the authorities – mild symptoms, and received the third dose or took a negative smear.

(It must be remembered on the one hand that vaccines are designed primarily to protect against disease – from Covid – and not from coronavirus infection; on the other hand, a swab is just a picture of an existing situation, unable to catch infection. In the incubation state, nor to predict what might to occur between the moment the swab is performed and the moment the event in which the person is swept is reached).

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez He warned all citizens of any de-escalation in the fight against COVID-19. Andalusian health authorities have asked all health workers in public and private hospitals to avoid Christmas celebrations.

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Andalusia There are 136 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants; In Spain, the infection rate rises to 248 per 100,000.

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