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1 billion budget for the market

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The news has already been in the air for several weeks but only now it seems to have finally arrived The final blow From this cumbersome Negotiation. Obviously, it wasn’t something particularly urgent, but thanks to programming next season The ideal was that it could be reached as quickly as possible an agreementbut a desire that seems to be close to being fulfilled.

According to the latest news, in fact, it seems to be a matter of days before it comes Make it official there Assigned affiliate club In the Sheikh. to me a team So a stimulating, but above all rich, new chapter in its glorious history is about to open.

The club was sold to the sheikh, Al-Nujoom Al-Jahez Market (La Presse) – Calchuno

The sheikh bought the club: the latest

there News That’s it fans He’s been waiting for months and it looks like he’s finally about to arrive. since the beginning Negotiation Significant steps forward have been taken thus far by both sides, despite all the difficulties involved in the case. In fact, during these months there were several issues that could have set everything off, however will to club And buyer to find an agreement He’s got the best of everything.

So we finally got to bumps from U.S a dialogue Which has been going on for months, but it’s inevitable that that kind of timing will be extended given we’re talking about Assigned one of the club most important in the world. And for such a company, only one of them can be interested elders The most important and richest of all The State of Qatarintend to invest in a world soccer to compete with “competitors” Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City And recently too Newcastle.

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So according to what I say calciomercato.comafter beating out competition from major INEOS magnate Sir Jim Ratcliffe, LE Qatari Sheikh Al Jassim Ready to take from the Glazer family Manchester United Having also secured the support of the Asian nation’s government.

Al-Jassim, the new owner of United: An impressive market budget

the Sheikh Jassim Ready to write new pages in history Manchester United. The diagonal that is one step away from withdrawing i red evilsin fact intends to build a very strong team by investing above all in market transferAccording to the latest rumors.

Not only that, and confirmation of this in the last few hours, we have been informed of this anyway Jassim intends to make available united Even in this summer transfer window 1 billion poundsand thus began to put pressure on their British and European competitors.

Al-Jassem is ready to provide one billion pounds to the United Market (La Presse) – Calchuno

United with Al Jassim: the largest capital gain in football history

acquisition of Manchester United by sheikh Jassim It would be the largest capital gain in football history. In fact, Qataris will buy i red evils for more 6 billion poundsBeyond 300 million Spent by the Glazer family in 2005.

Selling United would be the biggest capital gain in football history (La Presse) – Calchuno

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