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Weather report. Canada, winter tail shot, 20cm overnight snowfall in Calgary

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Snow on the coal in an archive film
Snow on the coal in an archive film

The low pressure vortex has established itself over western Canada, centering itself in the state of Alberta fed by cold currents descending from the Arctic latitudes. In Calgary, the weather has already dropped since Tuesday afternoon And the city faces severe snowfall, which creates more accumulations than expected, resulting in a variety of complex problems. The geography of the city is elevated to 1000 m, the temperature dropped to -2 ° C to ease the heavy snowfall and The wind blows hard as a result of the storm conditions, reducing the view to near zero.

The thickness of fresh snow varies from 15 to 25 cm, Depending on parts of the city. The northern hemisphere is the region with the greatest accumulation of snow, while the southern hemisphere is the thinnest. Some roads have been closed due to accidents Caused by snow or ice on the road surface. Complex conditions are found on Highway 2 between Calgary and Edmonton Authorities strongly advised to avoid the trip In personal ways, except for absolute need.

However, as the day progresses the speed of snow and wind will decreaseAfter a massive snowstorm has inundated much of the state of Alberta, the downpour begins to move eastward. Over the next few nights, the temperature is expected to drop several degrees below zero with a peak of -10 degrees Celsius. Friday and extended frosts as a result.

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