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The case of an Indian family who started as a tourist and froze on the border between the US and Canada

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The heart-breaking story of a mother, father and their entire family of 11 and 3-year-old children is found lifeless in an isolated area 12,000 kilometers from their home.

An entire family, created Mother, father and their 11 and 3 year old children, Found Without life in the open Beyond an isolated area, far from cities on the border between Canada and the United States 12 thousand kilometers from their home In India. This is the mysterious tragedy that Canadian police officers have encountered in recent weeks after they found four bodies frozen together in a field in the province of Manitoba. Vaishaliben Patel, 37, a young family with her 39-year-old husband Jagdish and their children Vihangi and Dharmik, was found lifeless outside the city of Emerson on January 19, when temperatures dropped below 35 degrees. Below zero in the previous hours.

The freezing cold of the blizzard took the little family outside without a chance. Despite being well-dressed and wearing heavy clothing, the four never encountered temperatures as low as 10 degrees in their home village in western India. But what were they doing with it Four victims in the middle of the other side of the world ? This is a question that Canadian investigators have been trying to answer for days, but the key hypothesis remains the same: all four could be victims of human trafficking. In fact, both Canadian and US officials are trying to figure out if there is a migration route along the border. In doing so, they are still trying to determine how the Patels reached the fields outside Emerson, who may have guided them there, and where they suffered a horrific death.

As reconstructed by the BBC, the two adults were considered middle-class workers, educated and even with a second vacation home apart from the first two-story house. A capitalist family, therefore, has nothing to do with predicting what will happen. They would have left several days ago with Travel Visa to Canada Arrived on a flight to Toronto. However, from that moment on, until the horrific discovery of the bodies 2,000 km away, their traces were lost. How they got to that secluded place is a mystery. There were no traces of them being on another plane, and it is doubtful whether anyone crossed the frozen lakes of Ontario and took them there before they reached the flat surface of the meadows to walk on. In fact, on the same day that the Patels were discovered, a man was arrested at the border for driving a 15-seater van with two Indian nationals as passengers. Five more Indian citizens were on foot 400 meters from the Canadian border. According to US officials, everyone had paid to cross the border on foot, where they were waiting by kidnappers.

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