Home entertainment number! Roberto Benigni’s “Life is Beautiful” was not shown at Auschwitz

number! Roberto Benigni’s “Life is Beautiful” was not shown at Auschwitz

number!  Roberto Benigni’s “Life is Beautiful” was not shown at Auschwitz

during the week in which Memorial Day Text circulated Roberto Benigni Accused of “turning reality upside down” through the filmLife is beautifulAccording to the dispute, an American tank was allowed into Auschwitz when the Soviets liberated the concentration camp. There is no basis to support the claim for two simple reasons. Moreover, this accusation is also being proposed today in favor of pro-Russian propaganda from an anti-American perspective and in the context of the invasion of Ukraine.

For those in a hurry

  • the movie”Life is beautifulShows an American tank during the liberation of a concentration camp.
  • According to the indictment, however liberated by the Soviets, the concentration camp would be Auschwitz.
  • The accusation of “reversing reality” does not hold up, because Auschwitz is not mentioned in the film.
  • Not only did the Soviets liberate the concentration camps, but so did the British and Americans.
  • In a book containing an introduction by the main actress of the film, there is a connection with the Mauthausen concentration camp liberated by the Americans.


please enter Text Traded online:

in the movieLife is beautifulBenigni allows a tank carrying an American flag into Auschwitz. The Soviets liberated the field, but as we know, the Oscars won the stars and striped flags, turning reality upside down.

We find the same text Mutual On Twitter by politician Marco Rizzo:

There tooanother copy:

“Not like Benigni’s scoundrel in Life is Beautiful, when he finally lets a tank with an American flag enter Auschwitz. That field, that piece of Europe, has been liberated by the Russians. But … he wins the Oscar with the stars and striped flags, which changes reality.”

Mario Monicelli

The origin of the text and its denial

which is shared by users quotes By director Mario Monicelli. At that time, it was Benigni himself Answer On behalf of:

The movie is not about Auschwitz, in fact there are mountains around the camp, which do not exist in Auschwitz. This is the concentration camp, because any camp contains the horrors of Auschwitz, not this or that.

The only “link” has to do with advice Benigni got from Shlomo Venezia, an Auschwitz survivor. Another advisor was the Italian historian Marcello Bizzetti, one of the leading experts on the Holocaust. When watching the movie, there is no indication of the exact geographical location of the camp. What Benini said is true, including the present of the mountains. The field was filmed near Babineau (Terni).

Various liberators of concentration camps

fromThe Holocaust Encyclopedia We read the following:

The Soviets also liberated Auschwitz, Stutthof, Sachsenhausen, and Ravensbrück. Instead, the camps Buchenwald, Dora-Mittelbau, Flossenburg, Dachau, and Mauthausen were liberated by American forces, while camps that had been built in northern Germany, including Neuengamme and Bergen-Belsen, were liberated by the British army.

Relationship with Mauthausen

Many Italians came He was deported to Mauthausen, one of the concentration camps liberated by the Americans. Also in this case it is not indicated as where the movie is set.

There is a reference taken from page 110 of the book Dora di Giovanni, Soprano from Cesena by Pietro Mascagni::

The most beautiful token of gratitude towards Dora De Giovanni, without an official declaration to that effect at all, can be read in the screenplay for Life is beautiful by Roberto Benigni. Nicoletta Brasci, the granddaughter of the soprano from Cesena, wanted to give the protagonist the name Dora, in honor of her aunt. Benigni played the character Guido, a name given in memory of Guido Braschi, Nicoletta’s father. But Dora di Giovanni’s husband was also called Guido, and he was brutally murdered by the Nazis just like the fictional movie character.

The aforementioned Guido was deported to Mauthausen, where he died.

The foreword to the book was signed by the lead actress of the film.Life is beautifulNicoletta Braschi.

Ukraine champion

There is another element to consider. The current text is shared by many pro-Russians, from an anti-American perspective during the period of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He was the first Soviet soldier to open the gates of Auschwitz Anatoly Pavlovich Shapiroa Jewish officer born in 1913 in the present-day Ukrainian city of Krasnohrad, then under the Russian Empire.

In 2006, Ukrainian President Yushchenko signed decree Anatoly Pavlovich Shapiro was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine, one year after his death on October 8, 2005 in New York where he had lived since 1992.


It would be wrong to attribute the concentration camp in Roberto Benigni’s film to Auschwitz.Life is beautifulThis, in fact, in no way reveals the exact name and location. Although it is not stated, there would be a connection between the film and the Mauthausen camp liberated by the Americans.

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