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Ukraine, back and forth between Biden and Zelensky. He did not listen to our warnings about the Russian attack.” “Our request for preventive sanctions was not accepted.”

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Who did not listen to whom? Statement by the President of the United States Joe Biden he is designer Kyiv To request clarification and restart. The subject of disagreement between the two heads of state is the weeks leading up to the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24. According to the President of the United States, The Ukrainian colleague would not have listened to Washington’s warnings about the imminent invasion of Moscow. But within a few hours Kyiv’s denial arrived, and the presidential spokesperson asked for clarification and an account Unsuccessful Ukrainian request for preventive sanctions To push the Russians, who are already deployed along the border, to withdraw their forces: “And in this case we can say that our partners ‘did not want to hear from us’.”

“A lot of people thought I was exaggerating, but I knew and we had data,” Joe Biden said. Los Angeles, during a charitable fundraising event. The President of the United States goes back to the weeks before the conflict. But by claiming the United States’ priority in understanding what was about to happen, the White House tenant blames Ukraine for not listening. Volodymyr Zelensky refused to hearNot many wanted to listen.” Binden explained how the US predicted the February 24 attack last year: “We knew Putin was going to cross the border. There was no doubt and Zelensky didn’t want to listen, as well as many other people. I understand why, but in the end (Putin) did it.”

However, Kyiv did not seem to like it, and in the weeks leading up to the attack another story arose. Which is entrusted to the presidential spokesperson Sergei Nikiforov: “The President has asked Western partners to impose preventive sanctions against Russia before it invades Ukraine.” And it is precisely at this request of sanctions that she believes that her Western partners have not listened to her. According to Nikiforov, in fact, Zelensky had three or four phone calls with Biden, during which the leaders exchanged opinions and assessments about the situation regarding the threat of Russian invasion. “And therefore, Perhaps the phrase “I don’t want to hear” needs clarification. Also, if you remember, the president invited the partners to file Preventive Sanctions Package To push Russia to withdraw its forces and de-escalate tensions. The spokesperson added that in this case we can say that our partners “did not want to hear news from us”.

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Meanwhile, during the same charity event in Los Angeles, President Biden claimed that his Russian counterpart Russian President Vladimir Putin “He is trying not only to eradicate the Ukrainian nation, but also its culture.” He explained that Putin considers the capital, Kyiv, “the seat of Mother Russia.” Biden continues his work To expand the international anti-Russian front, but not without difficulty. Indeed, the White House’s attempt appears to be colliding with the resistance of many countries that would prefer to remain neutral regarding the conflict. Among those there are India, Brazil, Israel and the Arab Gulf states. To open the dead end, return a file The New York TimesBiden met the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro At the top of the Americas. But only to take advantage of “I have a country to run”. Emphasizing the precautionary position of a country that is “ready to help end the war, but, given its dependence on certain foreign actors, it must remain vigilant.” Biden also plays a cardKingdom Saudi ArabiaWith which the United States says it is ready to “restore relations” with it. Little luck, too, in India, where Biden has faced a wall of a decade-old partnership that sees the country reliant on Moscow for fertilizers and military equipment.

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