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‘We will, but maybe it will be a movie’

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It wasn’t an actual advertisement, but in practice it looks like it was, considering all the cast and staff in it scrubs They all seem to agree: there is an intention to restart. The fans want it and the show itself wants it. But the most eligible option is to move to the big screen.

With many series, epics and historical franchises subject to Biology or Reboot, the return of one of the most hilarious medical comedies in television history hasn’t just been on the air, it’s practically well deserved. But the cast and production have been around for a while, maybe for a very long time: as early as 2021 they announced Surprises on the way for Scripps fans, which prompted many to carefully consider a reboot. But no confirmation was received. One year later, the protagonist Zach Braff have given Great ideas for the movie Scrubs. And now in light of what It can be called almost confirmationThese ideas may be helpful.

During a panel dedicated to the series at the ATX TV festival, one of those many panels organizing a reunion of actors that could easily go unnoticed for series that had already been inactive for a long time, it all happened. To a question from the audience if the series isn’t ready for a reboot, the original creator Bill Lawrence He replied: “We’re all so grateful that some of you are still interested, so give us an excuse to hang out together. We are happy to spend time together in any way“.

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But immediately after that he likened the assertion of actor Donald Faison: “Here’s the deal: I think we all want to restart And we want to work together again, but it can’t be a full season. Maybe like a movie Or something we can shoot in a few months. With everything Bill does now, he’ll never be free again. If he finds time, we will do it“.

At that point, Bill Lawrence is also currently serving as co-founder of Ted Lassono longer leaves any doubt, but also refutes, from the point of view of the film, the supposed course of the music: “And we will do it Because people are still interested and we love spending time with each other. But I don’t know if there will be a musical It’s scrubs unless the whole cast says they want toNo problem, a reboot is enough, considering that in the news, the board room simply exploded. Are you a hardcore Scrubs fan too? Tell us in the comments!

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