Home entertainment Two great directors glorify Oppenheimer as an art form

Two great directors glorify Oppenheimer as an art form

Two great directors glorify Oppenheimer as an art form

Denis Villeneuve And Paul Thomas Anderson They have nothing but praise for him Oppenheimer to Christopher Nolan.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Director Access And Sand dunes He described Nolan’s blockbuster film as a “masterpiece”, which in recent days has become the highest-grossing biopic in the history of cinema, breaking the record of… bohemian rhapsody With Rami Malek. “The number he has reached now is Exceed all my expectations» – Villeneuve said, referring to the $900 million he raised Oppenheimer“It’s a three-hour movie in which the characters talk about nuclear physics!”.

The director particularly emphasized The added factor to the IMAX experiencewhich he shares with him Dune Part Twoarriving in 2024. “The future of cinema is IMAX and large formats. Audiences want to watch something they can’t watch at home via live streaming. He wants to participate in an event. There is an idea in people’s minds today that films have become ‘content’, rather than an art form. I hate that word, “content”. The fact that films like Oppenheimer’s can make it to the big screen and become an event brings our attention back to the idea of ​​that Cinema is an exceptional art form that should be experienced in the theatre».

Instead, Paul Thomas Anderson is particularly interested Film formatWhich grossed about $35 million in America alone.

“When the director is great, like… Christopher Nolan points his finger and indicates the direction to followYou can’t do anything but listen. The audience was rewarded for this. I know movie buffs who drove from El Paso to Dallas just to see the movie properly. “It’s an 18-hour round trip.”

“I don’t think anyone can say otherwise: seeing Oppenheimer in the film is a wonderful experience on all levels.” he added. “Not to mention, people are tired of asking themselves: ‘Why go to the movies if it’s like watching TV?’ Good question: You don’t have to do this! “I would say the world is healing.”

In Italy, we remember, Oppenheimer By Christopher Nolan It is still showing in theaters and has been at the top of the box office charts for three weeks, only surpassed last weekend by Murder in Venice. It has currently raised approximately 24.8 million euros, Second best result of 2023 after Barbie.

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