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“We are under attack, we do not rule out difficult decisions” –

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From Lorenzo Cremonese, Andrea Nicastro, Marta Serafini, Paolo Fosci, online editor

Wednesday October 19 news live

• The war in Ukraine has reached the 237th day.
• Navalny, the Russian Supreme Court confirmed the 9-year prison sentence.
• Moscow announces the first progress in Kharkiv since September.
• Koleba to Zelensky: Let’s cut ties with Iran.
• A plume of smoke in Kyiv. The authorities are talking about three missiles on an energy target.

05:22 – Bombardment and cold strategy

(Marta Serafini, sent to Odessa) Oleksiy Ryabchin, energy adviser to the Ukrainian government and former deputy energy minister, does not doubt. Russia bombs power plants to break the morale of the Ukrainian peopleTo inflame the internal conflict and try to get the people to ask the authorities to negotiate with Moscow. They want soldiers’ families to suffer in the cold and blame the government for this suffering. But this will not happen. He added that we will win. Other than Ryabchin’s words, it is clear how Moscow’s strategy risks operating and how Ukrainians must prepare for a very difficult winter. Many argue that the new Russian leader, Sergey SurovkinNotorious for targeting civilian targets in Syria, likely He made infrastructure destruction the focus of his attack. Not surprisingly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has pressured Western allies to acquire advanced air defenses, specifically to protect civilian targets including power plants and dams. And Mikhailo Podolak himself In an interview with Corriere in August He explained how both Ukraine and Europe had to prepare for a harsh winter with little heating but that This was the price to pay for freedom.

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05:21 – Military post – the three fronts of the crisis in Ukraine

(Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio) there Drone warfare continue along It is a road marked by damage and casualties among civilians. there Russia wants to leave enemy positions in the cold and dark, a cruel way to tire Ukraine in the long run. It also maintains the initiative – even on a news level – with Iranian systems that are inexpensive compared to conventional missiles. Kyiv responds on several levels. complaint Terror campaign Internationally, it urges NATO to help counter the threat and counterbalances the negative signal by emphasizing the large number of downed aircraft. Then there is Iran. Tehran, Despite the evidenceinitially denied that it supplied arms to Moscow today – according to what was revealed by Reuters Confirmed help. Some Iranian officials specified that on October 6 an agreement was signed to send drones and medium-range missiles. Details expected by US intelligence. Multiple scenario. Theocracy collects currency from the Russians (possibly technology or hunting), on the other hand, it risks diplomatic/sanctions consequences. But at this point, with Popular protests within the bordersAnd the The ayatollahs chose the road to the castle. After all, there is an understanding between the systems.

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05:14 – Heritage report, US military forces in general ‘weak’

US military forces will not be able to win a major war while the country is preoccupied with threats from China and Russia. Conclusion for a conservative foundation, the Heritage Foundation, which published the annual report that measures the military power of the United States. The current situation – as stated in the document – indicates that the army is at great risk of not being able to respond to the needs of the conflict in one of the most important regional areas. The military probably won’t be able to do much, and is certainly poorly equipped to handle two conflicts at the same time. In general – the analysis continues – the situation can be classified as “weak”. However, the foundation presents some distinctions: while the “Marines” are still considered strong, it is not so for the space and navy, which are defined as weak, while air navigation is very weak. In general, the report emphasizes, the military continues to favor rapid intervention over software upgrades. The Republican representative of Wisconsin, Mike Gallagher, commented that the overall picture is relegating the Navy and Air Force to a very low level, insufficient to ensure a rapid response to potential crises in the Indo-Pacific region.

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05:13 – Dear Gasoline, Biden unlocks 15 million barrels of oil from US reserves

Joe Biden announced the release of 15 million barrels of oil from US strategic reserves to combat the rise in gasoline prices caused by Putin’s war in Ukraine. The White House announced this in a note.

05:11 – Zelensky: The use of Iranian drones testifies to the Russian military failure

Russia’s decision to use Iran-supplied drones in the war in Ukraine testifies to the Kremlin’s military and political failure. This was stated by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in one of his evening video messages. The Ukrainian president noted that Moscow spent billions of dollars on its military-industrial hardware for decades, and eventually went to Tehran to order drones and simple missiles. Zelensky thanked Germany for the Iris-T anti-aircraft systems which he said were very effective. No matter what the enemy does or plans, Ukraine will defend itself. He said that 237 days of war prove that we can respond to any threat.

05:10 – New York Times: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in Crimea

Iran has sent trainers to Crimea to help the Russian army solve a number of problems with the fleet of drones Moscow purchased from Tehran. This was reported by the New York Times, citing sources in the US administration. The trainers belong to the Revolutionary Guards and operate from a Russian military base in the Crimea, from which many Iranian drones fly.

05:07 a.m. – Russian commander, tense situation in Ukraine

The situation is tense in the regions of Ukraine affected by the so-called Russian special military operation. This was stated by the commander of Russian operations, General Sergei Surovkin, citing TASS. Sorovikin added that the Ukrainians are sending all the reserves at their disposal to the front and continue their attempts to attack the positions of the Russian troops, but their losses amount to 600-1,000 soldiers per day. Then Surovkin himself stated that his soldiers were constantly under attack from the enemy and that difficult decisions could not be ruled out.

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